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Your pets happiness and well being is our priority!

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Perfect Pet Dog Walking & In Home Pet Sitting

What we do for you

My pets have become my family members as I am sure yours have also. When you can’t be home for them because of work, emergencies, or vacations you want them taken care of the way you take care of them; with love and attention. That’s what we do at Perfect Pet Dog Walking and in Home Pet Sitting.


We serve Pembroke, Hanson, Halifax, Kingston, Duxbury, Norwell, Hanover.




Perfect Pet Dog Walking and In Home Pet Sitting offer many services for a variety of pets. Such services include making it appear that your home is occupied, cleaning your home before you return, or even weekly cleaning.














Pet services include:

Walks/play time, feeding/water, administration of medicine, litter box cleaning, transportation services, house sitting, communication if your pet is sick or has an accident, pooper scooper services. You can also view your pet on our Facebook page where every walk is documented.

Home services include:

-Bringing in mail/newspapers/packages, alternating lights, carrying trash in/out, watering of plants and/or garden

If an emergency comes up and you need someone at home with your pets contact me and I will get to them ASAP

You can use the contact form on the site or email me at or call 781-206-7423

I currently reside in Kingston MA with 4 rescue pups, 4 cats, a hedgehog and 2 reptiles!!

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Walks are an important part of a dog’s daily routine, but what happens if you work all day and don’t have time for them? Hiring a dog walker or pet sitter gives you a chance to make sure your dog enjoys the many benefits of going for walks. These are the top four reasons to consider having a dog walker or pet sitter stop by your home when you’ll be gone all day.

  1. More Attention

Dogs are social animals who want to be around people or other pets. Dog walkers provide dogs with one-on-one attention to keep them happy and occupied instead of being left alone for several hours each day. This can help decrease the risk of separation anxiety in dogs with owners who work full-time.


2. Less Boredom

In addition to wanting attention, dogs can also lack stimulation when they’re cooped up inside all day. Dog walkers help prevent boredom from setting in by taking dogs out for walks around the neighborhood one or more times per day. This has the added benefit of lowering the risk of behavioral problems that can occur when dogs are restless or bored, such as destructive chewing or excessive barking. 

3. Lower Risk of Health Problems

Walks give dogs a chance to get some exercise on a regular basis, which helps keep them in good health. Dogs who are more active have a lower risk of developing serious health problems associated with obesity, such as heart disease. Regular physical activity can also help lower their risk of arthritis as they get older, since walking helps them maintain strong muscles and flexible joints. 


4. Happier Dog
Having a happy and healthy dog can make your bond with your pet even stronger. Instead of having to take care of messes or deal with other problems that can happen when dogs are anxious, frustrated or bored, you can rely on coming home to a pet who is calm and content thanks to fresh air and a chance to burn off energy. 

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